The Sams Odisha portal, found at, is an initiative by the Government of Odisha to provide a platform for various online services and resources for the residents of the state. This comprehensive portal aims to enhance the efficiency and transparency of service delivery, making it easier for citizens to access a range of government services from the comfort of their homes.

Services Offered on Sams Odisha Portal

The Sams Odisha portal offers a wide array of services across different sectors, catering to the diverse needs of the residents of Odisha. Some of the key services available on the portal are:

Education Services: One of the primary focuses of the Sams Odisha portal is to streamline the process of admissions to educational institutions in the state. Through the portal, students can apply for various courses, check their application status, and access important information related to admissions in schools, colleges, and universities.

Employment Services: The portal also serves as a platform for job seekers to explore employment opportunities in Odisha. Users can search for job openings, apply for positions, and receive updates on the status of their applications through the portal.

Public Welfare Services: Sams Odisha provides access to various public welfare services such as healthcare facilities, pension schemes, and social security programs. Residents can apply for benefits, check eligibility criteria, and track the status of their applications through the portal.

Agriculture Services: Farmers in Odisha can utilize the portal to access information on agricultural schemes, subsidies, and market prices. The portal also provides resources for crop insurance, soil health cards, and weather forecasts to help farmers make informed decisions.

Revenue and Tax Services: Sams Odisha streamlines the process of accessing revenue and tax-related services for residents of the state. Users can pay property taxes, apply for land records, and avail of other related services online through the portal.

Health Services: The portal offers a range of health services including online doctor consultations, telemedicine facilities, and access to health records. Users can also register for vaccination drives and health camps through the portal.

Utility Services: Residents can pay their utility bills, such as electricity and water bills, through the Sams Odisha portal. The portal also facilitates the application for new connections and provides assistance for issue resolution related to utility services.

How to Access Services on Sams Odisha Portal

To avail of the services offered on the Sams Odisha portal, users can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Sams Odisha Portal: Users can access the portal by visiting on their web browser.

  2. Register/Login: New users need to register on the portal by providing essential details such as name, address, and contact information. Registered users can log in using their credentials.

  3. Select the Desired Service: Users can browse through the various services available on the portal and select the one they wish to avail of.

  4. Submit Required Documents: Depending on the service selected, users may need to upload necessary documents to support their application.

  5. Track Application Status: After submitting the application, users can track the status of their application through the portal.

  6. Receive Updates: Users will receive notifications and updates regarding their application status and any additional steps to be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Sams Odisha Portal?
    Sams Odisha is an online platform launched by the Government of Odisha to provide a range of government services to the residents of the state.

  2. How can I access the services on Sams Odisha portal?
    Users can visit and register/login to avail of the various services offered on the portal.

  3. Are all the services on Sams Odisha portal free of cost?
    While many services on the portal are free, there may be certain charges associated with specific services. Users are advised to check the details before availing of any service.

  4. Can I track the status of my application on Sams Odisha portal?
    Yes, users can track the status of their application through the portal using the provided tracking tools.

  5. Is it safe to submit personal information on Sams Odisha portal?
    The portal follows stringent security measures to protect user data. It is recommended to ensure the website address is correct before entering any personal information.


The Sams Odisha portal serves as a one-stop destination for residents of Odisha to access a variety of government services conveniently. By leveraging technology and streamlining service delivery, the portal aims to enhance the overall experience of citizens while ensuring transparency and efficiency in governance. Users can explore the diverse range of services offered on the portal to meet their educational, employment, healthcare, agricultural, and welfare needs with ease.