Things To Avoid In Breathe Pittsford


A residential community with a family-friendly atmosphere, Breathe Pittsford offers all of the necessary amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. There is plenty to do in the area and it is centrally located to major highways, shopping areas and recreational facilities. Here are just some of the things you can avoid in this area. Breathe Pittsford is a wonderful community, if you aren’t looking for one. Breathe Pittsford is an active, yet relaxed community. Residents can find in-town and on-the-water options for boating and fishing. 

Family friendly parks that offer playgrounds and picnic areas provide great space for kids to play or for adults to take their dog for a walk. In the summer there are plenty of festivals and events to attend, such as the Taste of Pittsford, Summer Concert Series and Art in June. In the winter many residents enjoy ice fishing and tubing on nearby rivers or hiking at nearby parks like Stewart Park or Winton Woods State Park.

Things To Avoid In Breathe Pittsford :

1. Dumping

Dumping is defined as “the placing of garbage and other discarded material for disposal in a place other than where waste collection facilities are located.” Dumping is illegal, costly and very unsightly. In order to keep our community looking great, we ask that you do not dump on the ground, in the woods or streams, in the side roads, or anywhere else within the unincorporated part of Monroe County. You can put your trash out by 7 AM on your scheduled trash pick-up day.

2. Vacant Buildings

Vacant buildings are not only unsightly, but they can also be dangerous. Vacant homes can be magnets for vandalism, illegal dumping and arson. They are not a bright spot in an otherwise attractive community.

3. Improper Storage of Vehicles and Personal Items on Private Property

Parking a vehicle on your property is fine as long as the vehicle is properly maintained, has current license plates and passes safety inspection. It should also be insured and parked in such a way that it does not block the line of sight of the street or neighboring property owners along the street. If you park your unlicensed or unregistered vehicle in front of your home, you risk receiving a citation from Code Enforcement Officers.

4. Excessive Leaves and Brush

Residents are asked to rake leaves into their yard only and not on the street or in the right-of-way. Leaves that are raked into the street can end up clogging storm drains, which may cause flooding. It is recommended that you rake leaves into your yard prior to when they need to be picked up by Town waste services. Leaf piles left next to a curb may be ticketed by Code Enforcement Officers and will be removed at the owner’s expense. 

5. Unauthorized Use of Driveways

Residents are asked that they only use their driveway when they have a scheduled appointment with the Town to do so. It is good practice to keep your driveway free of debris so as to not block any passing vehicles and also to prevent vandalism, which can be detrimental to your vehicle. 

Also, it is important that you keep your parking area free of debris as well as keeping it neat and clean. You can help out by raking leaves within 24 hours of the leaf drop date or when you have a scheduled appointment with the Town with leaves, branches and other materials being taken away by the Street Sweeper service.

6. Garbage, Bulky Items and Clogged Drains

Garbage, bulky items or other items that are placed down your drain can clog the storm drains and waste water treatment facilities. These items cost the Town money to unblock drains, which can also cause flooding.

7. Leaving Your Street Light On ‘Dusk To Dawn’ While It Isn’t Appreciated During The Day

This is a great way to keep the area around you nice for those that are not home at night. Lights should be turned off when out to avoid energy savings and prospective safety issues with light pollution. This is not to mention the danger of a fire hazard.

8. Abandoned Cars and Trucks

Abandoned vehicles can be hazardous to both animals and people, such as those escaping from a house fire. They are also an eyesore for the community. 

9. Garbage, Trash and Junk In The Streets And Right-Of-Way

Even though we are a small community, we are still part of the County and have to abide by its laws and regulations. All streets through town must be kept neat, clean and free of trash, grass cuttings, junk or any other debris that may block the sight lines of a passing car or threaten pedestrian safety. The streets allow for pedestrian-only use during certain hours. ‘No parking’ signs will be put up when these street hours begin on your street and/or at hidden locations in your neighborhood. If you can’t keep it clean, please don’t bring it into our communities!


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