The 9 Biggest Job Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


You know the old adage about how we learn from our mistakes? Well, if you’re a full-grown human on this great green earth, chances are you’ve already made some pretty big and regrettable mistakes in your time. And while they say time is a healer, it’s much harder to move on when you know that your choices could have been prevented…

That’s why we’ve put together an informative list of nine of the most common mistakes in the workplace like ihop interview questions.

1. Having an attitude problem

No, spirit wasn’t broken when you hit your teenage years. Having an attitude problem is simply not a good way to approach your co-workers or fellow employees. It’s unprofessional, unkind and (worst of all) it shows that you are more concerned about looking cool than learning from your mistakes.

2. Trying to please too many people

Everyone has their boss, right? So why do so many people try to make everyone happy? Sure, maybe you’ve got a poor manager at work. But don’t make them the villain in your life. Work on yourself – you’ll be much happier both at work and personally. It’s not easy being accepted in a professional environment, so when some people try to get on your good side by giving you their business card or recommending you for a raise, try to keep the positive going with everyone else instead. You don’t want to burn any bridges in the office, because they can make you look bad if you cross them.

3. Not having the necessary skills or personality traits

Just because you’re a recent college graduate or still new in the working world, doesn’t mean that you’re already qualified to do your job. This applies both on paper and in your actual performance. When employers find that one of their employees isn’t up to par, it makes a bad impression for everyone involved, especially for those who are trying to do well as a new hire.

4. Being lazy on your job

When you get to work and you’re already struggling to get through your day, that’s the time when you have to be the most productive. If you fall behind on your work or don’t pull your own weight, that’s the time when management is less likely to invest in you. Sure, it’s good to have fun when work is dull and dull work is hard to watch. But when taking the time to play a few games, your co-workers might think that you’re being lazy or disinterested. They might even start to wonder if you’re actually thinking about work all that much or if you have aspirations for greatness.

5. Not having a clear career plan

Many people who are trying to find a new job, don’t really know what they want. However, it’s important not to be vague when describing your desired future in the resume, cover letter and other necessary forms. In fact, this might make employers even more hesitant on hiring you since they would need more time to consider your candidacy and might come across as immature or irresponsible at first glance.

6. Being a workaholic

You’re doing a great thing by being attentive and trying to do more than what’s expected of you, but if you take it too far, then you might end up taking away the respect of your co-workers and superiors. It’s just not right to always be the first one in and the last one out. This kind of behavior could make others believe that you’re trying too hard and that they can’t keep up.

7. Having terrible work ethic

The opposite of working too much is working not enough, which is also bad for your career. Your boss probably won’t appreciate it when you give less than your best, or worse, when you don’t really try at all. It’s better to stay motivated and show a level of commitment by doing what is expected of you.

8. Treating your work like a game

Some workers think that it’s okay to slack off on the job or joke around during their breaks. You wouldn’t expect your boss to take a break just because it’s time for you to do so, but then again, if you’re in a professional position as well, then it might be best not to treat work so casually. If you’re already having trouble getting by with your job, then don’t make matters worse.

9. Being a primadonna

You’d think that you’re being all-business when you sit down for a meeting with your supervisor. However, it’s best to keep things from becoming serious, and not become as awkward as an Italian opera singer who uses hand gestures and foot stomping to express feelings.


Now that you know about these common mistakes in the workplace, don’t make any of them again! Growing up takes time, so give yourself plenty of room to make mistakes without ruining your career. It’s all about learning from the mistakes that you’ve made in the past and finding ways to improve for the future.


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