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SpendGo is a web-based platform for shopping to your heart’s content.

SpendGo is based on the idea that you can log into your bank account via the internet using your smartphone. You can then view your purchases in your account and even pay for a few of your purchases. You can also browse your bank’s offerings by region, and pay using a card. If you have a bank account, this is something you might consider.

I recently went to my bank’s website and checked if it had a mobile app. It did. So I’m now a little more familiar with how their app works. The problem I ran into was they had an “About” page. I assumed they would have a “How to use this app” page. Nope. The page I saw looked just like your average banking app. It has a logo, some basic information, and a few buttons. It has no “About” page.

I find that when I get the chance to test a new app, I always go back to the about page. This is because it gives me the chance to get to know what the app is and what it can do for me. I can then decide if it is worth trying out and possibly saving for my monthly $14.95.

I agree. For one, the app itself is fairly basic. But two, there is no About page on the official site. It’s just a blank page. This is a huge red flag. As a web developer, it would be nice to have a page that would give you the backstory for the app. This could have been done by having a page about the developer, the company, and the app.

We’ve seen a lot of apps that are very useful, and a lot of them just don’t provide an About page. It would be nice for a site like ours to show all the information about the app. With a developer website, the developer could simply give their contact information (e.g. phone number), and you’d be able to contact them directly.

There is a lot of information on developer.com, but I dont remember getting it. We could get a developer homepage, with a developer bio and contact info. Maybe even some reviews.

This is something we could do. But that would be asking too much. If you were to do the same thing, you’d have to show the developer website to be able to contact them, which again, would take too much time. A developer homepage would be much more useful.

I think developers are more likely to give you access to their website. We could ask them for a developer link, but I don’t think it would be useful to ask them for their login information.

This is a good topic for developer blogs. The more people are aware that a developer has a website, the more likely you are to get a response. Most devs will provide you with a developer email address anyway, which would be a great way to reach them.

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