I’ve got the inside scoop on one of the most electrifying festivals to hit the shores of Virginia Beach: the Something in the Water Festival. Imagine a weekend where music, culture, and empowerment collide in a celebration that’s as much a social movement as it is a party.

Curated by the legendary Pharrell Williams, this festival’s not just about the beats—it’s a platform for change. I’ll take you through what makes it a must-visit event, from the star-studded lineup to the transformative community initiatives. Get ready to dive into an experience that’s more than just a drop in the ocean.

Lineup of Musical Artists

The Something in the Water festival is known for its breathtaking lineup of artists. Last year, music enthusiasts were treated to performances by both legends and rising stars. This year’s lineup promises an even more dynamic mix of genres and talents. Big-name entertainers and indie bands are set to grace the stages, all handpicked by Pharrell Williams himself, ensuring a blend of performances that’ll resonate with a diverse audience.

Some of the headliners I’m most excited about include hip hop moguls, chart-topping pop stars, and iconic R&B singers. But the festival isn’t just about the headliners – emerging artists also get a chance to shine. These up-and-comers bring a fresh sound to the festival, indicative of Pharrell’s commitment to showcasing new talent alongside established acts.

  • Hip Hop Icons: Be ready to see artists who’ve topped the charts and transformed the genre.
  • Pop Sensations: Performers who’ve dominated the airwaves with their catchy tunes.
  • R&B Soulsters: Voices that bring depth, passion, and a timeless quality to their music.
  • Indie Darlings: Bands that might just become your next musical obsession.

The stages are set to feature a blend of local acts and international sensations, providing something truly special for everyone. Every performance is an opportunity to witness the unifying power of music in a setting that underscores the festival’s broader cultural goals. With countless artists slated to perform over multiple days, the festival ensures an immersive experience that goes from early afternoon well into the night.

Attendees should prepare for a monumental event that’s as much a celebration of music as it is of culture and community. For a detailed list of the artists performing, along with their schedules, I’ve found that the festival’s official website and social media channels are the best sources for the most current information. Don’t forget to check back frequently, as new acts are often added as the festival draws closer.

Celebration of Culture

The Something in the Water Festival is more than just an exhibition of musical prowess; it’s a Cultural Phenomenon. As I walk through the vibrant Virginia Beach streets during the fest, it’s palpable that this event celebrates diversity and cultural richness like no other. Every corner echoes with expressions of art, from visual installations to performance arts, each narrating a unique story of heritage and contemporary culture.

One of the most remarkable things about Something in the Water is its commitment to Cultural Inclusivity. This festival isn’t just a stage for international stars; it’s also a platform for local talent, artisans, and community leaders to showcase their crafts and viewpoints. The wide variety of food offerings there is a testament to that inclusivity, with flavors spanning the globe and representing the melting pot that is America.

Interactive Workshops and Panels are fixtures at the festival, providing attendees with opportunities to engage in deeper conversations about social issues, learn new skills, and gain insights from thought leaders. These sessions cover topics from environmental conservation to entrepreneurship and often feature experts and celebrities diving into meaningful dialogue. I’ve noticed that festival-goers truly appreciate these educational components, which set Something in the Water apart from the typical music festival experience.

The festival’s Art Installations are strategically placed throughout, transforming the landscape into an open-air gallery. These artworks, often created by local artists, speak to Virginia Beach’s evolving identity and the festival’s mission of empowerment through creativity. The stories embedded in these pieces invite reflection and bring a layered experience to the attendees who are looking not just for entertainment but also for inspiration.

Cultural celebrations like Something in the Water make significant impacts on the local economy as well. They provide Economic Boosts by creating jobs, attracting tourism, and spotlighting local businesses that quintessentially enrich the fabric of the community. The vibrancy of this festival is undeniable and its contribution to the area’s prosperity is just one more reason why it’s so important to support and cherish these cultural events.

Empowerment Initiatives

Something in the Water isn’t just about celebrating music and culture; it’s a beacon for empowerment and positive change. Pharrell Williams and his team have gone beyond entertainment, weaving social impact into the fabric of the festival. I’ve observed interactive forums that address a range of issues from educational reform to climate action, showing that the event is more than just a good time—it’s a catalyst for conversation and community progress.

  • Educational workshops
  • Climate change forums
  • Panels on social justice

These gatherings are led by experts, activists, and thought leaders who are passionate about making a difference. Whether it’s a panel discussion or a hands-on workshop, attendants are provided with the tools and knowledge to spark change in their own communities. Every year, I see festival-goers leave these sessions inspired and ready to act, proving that Something in the Water is a powerful platform for empowerment.

In addition to panels and workshops, the festival includes mentorship programs aimed at nurturing young talent. Partnering with local schools and organizations, these programs give kids and teens from Virginia Beach and beyond a rare chance to learn directly from professionals in various fields. It’s empowering to watch the next generation of leaders and creatives take their first steps because of the opportunities provided here.

Moreover, the festival puts a spotlight on minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs through its marketplace. This not only boosts local economies but also encourages festival-goers to support inclusivity and diversity within the business sphere. I’ve shopped at booths where the stories behind the products are just as compelling as the wares themselves.

Pharrell Williams’ Vision

Pharrell Williams’ brainchild, Something in the Water Festival, reflects a deeply rooted mission to celebrate diversity and inspire unity. As a visionary, I’ve observed that he’s crafted an event which isn’t just a gathering but a cultural movement. The catalyst of his vision springs from the vibrant energy of Virginia Beach, channeling the city’s eclectic history into a powerful contemporary experience.

At heart, Williams strives to leverage the festival as a cultural incubator. It goes beyond providing entertainment, aiming instead to enlighten and educate. Interactive experiences designed to foster discussions on social issues and community development are as integral to the event as the blockbuster musical performances. This is a clear indication of Williams’ dedication to community empowerment and positive impact. His involvement in every aspect of the festival ensures that his values resonate throughout the event.

Inclusion is another core pillar of Williams’ philosophy. He uses this platform to amplify underrepresented voices, focus on minority empowerment, and bridge gaps between various communities. It’s evident that Williams sees music as a universal language that brings people together irrespective of their backgrounds, and he embeds this belief into the festival’s DNA.

Williams’ foresight also extends to environmental consciousness; Something in the Water incorporates sustainable practices and promotes awareness about our ecological footprint. By prioritizing sustainability, Williams underscores the importance of leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

It’s not hard to see that Pharrell Williams is shaping the festival into a beacon for change—a medium through which attendees are not only entertained but are also called to action. The vibes of collaboration and innovation inherent in the festival are a testament to Williams’ commitment to crafting a world where entertainment intersects with social responsibility.

Must-Visit Event

The Something in the Water Festival has quickly become one of the can’t-miss events of the year. But what sets it apart from other music and cultural gatherings? As someone deeply interested in events that not only entertain but also make an impact, I’ve noticed that this festival has a unique blend of artistry and activism that truly resonates with its attendees.

Firstly, it’s the line-up. While many festivals boast a star-studded roster, few curate it with such intentionality towards diversity and inclusivity. Mega stars and indie artists share the same stage, creating a mosaic of sounds and stories that reflect the world’s rich tapestry. It’s not just about your favorite hits; it’s a full-spectrum musical experience designed to broaden horizons and introduce new voices.

Interactive Experiences: Besides the music, the festival’s interactive experiences are transformative. Think workshops, art installations, and forums discussing pivotal topics that bridge communities. These engagements provide a deeper dive into social issues, making the festival a hotbed for enlightenment and connections. The immersive nature of these experiences is not just additive to the event; it’s at the very core of what makes Something in the Water stand out.

Environmental Sustainability: Another essential component of this festival’s identity is its commitment to sustainability. This isn’t just lip service; the event employs practices that minimize environmental impact, from waste management to promoting eco-friendly transportation options. If you care about your carbon footprint, attending this festival is a statement that aligns with your values.

All in all, the Something in the Water Festival isn’t only a feast for the senses but a call to conscious gathering. It’s no surprise that people from all walks of life mark their calendars each year, not wanting to miss the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking event. Whether you’re there for the chart-topping artists or the thought-provoking discussions, you’ll find that there’s something in the water, indeed—an undeniable current of change and a groundswell of community.


I’ve seen firsthand how Something in the Water Festival is reshaping the festival landscape with its potent mix of music culture and social purpose. It’s a beacon for progressive values and community engagement truly setting a new standard for what a festival can and should be. If you’re looking to experience more than just great music but to be part of a movement that champions diversity and sustainability this is the event for you. Join the wave and be part of the change that’s sweeping through Virginia Beach. It’s more than a festival—it’s a revolution in celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pharrell Williams’ Something in the Water Festival?

The Something in the Water Festival is a cultural movement and music festival in Virginia Beach organized by Pharrell Williams. It aims to celebrate diversity, encourage unity, and inspire positive social change through music, art, and discussions.

2. What is the mission of the Something in the Water Festival?

The mission of the Something in the Water Festival is to promote diversity, inclusion, and community development. It seeks to enlighten and educate attendees on social issues while providing entertaining and transformative experiences.

3. How does the festival promote unity and diversity?

The festival promotes unity and diversity by intentionally curating a lineup that represents various genres, cultures, and backgrounds. It aims to bring people together and bridge gaps between communities through shared experiences and interactive discussions.

4. What is the significance of sustainability at the festival?

The festival incorporates sustainable practices and promotes environmental consciousness. It aims to minimize its ecological footprint by implementing recycling programs, using renewable energy sources, and promoting eco-friendly initiatives.

5. How does the festival stand out from other music festivals?

The festival stands out due to its intentional curation of a diverse and inclusive lineup, as well as its transformative interactive experiences. It goes beyond entertainment by emphasizing social issues and community development.

6. Is the Something in the Water Festival open to everyone?

Yes, the festival is open to everyone. It encourages attendees from all backgrounds and cultures to come together to celebrate diversity and unity.

7. How can I get tickets for the Something in the Water Festival?

Tickets for the festival can be purchased through the official festival website. It is recommended to stay updated on the festival’s official channels for ticket announcements and sales information.

8. Can I volunteer at the Something in the Water Festival?

Yes, the festival offers volunteering opportunities. Details about how to volunteer can be found on the festival’s official website closer to the event date.

9. Will the Something in the Water Festival return in future years?

While it is not confirmed, it is likely that the festival will return in future years. Stay tuned for updates from the official festival sources for information on upcoming events.