Seven Stereotypes About Wesb News

You may have come across a Wesb News article in your Facebook feed, YouTube search results, or Buzzfeed article. And while it’s true that some of their articles are bad, not all of them are! If you’ve always been told that Wesb is full of misinformation or that the writers are underpaid young people looking for some spare cash, you may be surprised to hear about these seven stereotypes about Wesb news.

1. “Wesb has terrible grammar.”

On many occasions there have been articles on Wesb with grammatical errors. Bad English does slip through occasionally due to various reasons like poor organization from the editor-in-chief and/or lack of proper editing before publishing an article. In addition, editing is not a one-time process, but an ongoing process to keep the grammar and spelling of articles in check.

2. “Wesb doesn’t have any facts in their stories.”

In my opinion, Wesb has many good video clips that have been edited by professional video editing groups. I have selected great clips from the web to share with you guys. Generally speaking, even if Wesb doesn’t have any facts, they do at least offer up some well-researched videos that give us a different perspective on a topic we may not have thought about before or get our minds thinking about something we’ve never thought about before. Wesb designers and writers do their best to make our articles easy to understand, even sometimes with simple and straightforward language.

3. “Wesb is a community that is full of young angry people.”

Young adults, whether they are teen-agers or adults alike, usually express themselves in various ways online. Most people who use social media platforms to communicate on a regular basis will be familiar with this type of behavior – meaning that teens tend to speak their mind regardless of the consequences they may face from others. Wesb isn’t supposed to be a place where you can rant about whatever you want without any repercussions, but rather a place where you read the opinions of the readers and writers themselves.

4. “Wesb is a community that is full of young people who are just looking for an opportunity to make some money.”

We all know that writing on Wesb does tend to be very pay-to-play sometimes. Money talks, and this isn’t really something to get worked up about. The writing and design staff sometimes look for new writers, but only if they have certain qualifications. For example, Wesb doesn’t always require their new writers to have a journalism degree, but at the very least they should know how to write in an edited form.

5. “Wesb has no editor-in-chief. 

Therefore, there is no one to stop the writers from doing or spreading whatever they want.”

Wesb has always had an editor-in-chief. I remember when I was first at Wesb, it used to be a very laid back position that involved nothing more than writing articles and editing posts. However, after a while it became obvious that some writers were trying to get paid more than others, so the editor-in-chief had to step in. Since then, an editor-in-chief has always been put in place. They must also have the ability and desire to take action when necessary.

6. “Wesb is full of plagiarism and not original work.

Apparently, the writers just copy and paste stuff from the web.”

Plagiarism is an issue that plagues all of social media. Yes, there are writers who will plagiarize the work of other people, even if it’s just a quote that someone else has taken from somewhere else. But plagiarism is not limited to Wesb. It exists on over 50% of internet websites today. Plagiarism can also be found in essays students have submitted to their teachers as well as in newscasts on cable news broadcasting stations. What you need to understand is that plagiarizing is trying to trick readers into believing your original writing without giving you credit for it.

7. “Wesb cares only about money. 

Wesb is made up of underpaid low-hanging fruit.”

Wesb has always been and will continue to be a non-profit organization with the goal being that we will all make some money from it. However, writers are not paid solely based on the amount of views and downloads their articles get. The pay is averaged out over however many months an article was published on Wesb before it was pulled and there are deductions for any ad revenue – if applicable. If writers do not produce quality work, then they will be removed.


I know that there are many stereotypes about Wesb that I didn’t mention above. For some people, these stereotypes may be true. But we often forget to do our research and just post what we see on TV or on the internet without giving it a thought. If you want to make money on social media, then don’t be shocked when you get criticized by your family, friends and even your employer if they find out you are putting in little to no work compared to those who do work hard.  Try not to let other people’s emotions get in the way of your mind.


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