This was a very popular post on my Facebook page. I’m always a fan of things that make me laugh and smile. This is a funny post that makes you chuckle, but also makes you think about the whole “pii” thing. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.

I dont know about you but I am a very happy pii user. I am able to see how much I enjoy pii more than the people that are actually allowed pii. It seems like a lot of the pii trolls are just jealous because someone else can do it.

As is often the case, we have many pii users that are simply jealous of a few others because they can do it. They think they’re superior to us because they can see how much enjoyment they get from pii. It’s not wrong to be jealous of others, but it is wrong to think that you can do something that others cannot. It’s also a lot easier to point out someone who can do something that you can’t do.

Some of the best pii trolls are people who are very skilled at pii and they use pii trolls to discredit other people. This is a common tactic that is used by pii trolls. Many pii users are really insecure about their skills and think that pii trolls are stupid or just don’t know about pii. Its really annoying to see someone use pii trolls as a tactic, especially since many pii users are really nice and friendly.

It’s not that you don’t have a good attitude, it’s that you probably think you do. Some people, for instance, don’t like pii trolls and its annoying because they think its a terrible tactic and they don’t like pii trolls. That’s another reason you might be good at pii.

So, if you are a pii troll, you must not be very good at pii. The most common reason that people give for why they are a pii troll is that they think it is not that good. But a better reason would be, “Pii is just stupid. You should be more like me who knows about pii and can do it well.

Thats a good point. Pii is just stupid. I had a conversation with a guy on the internet that was a pii troll. I just said to him that I am a pii troll and he said, “Oh, you are sooooooo pii.” I didnt know what pii was, but I started to explain. He went right back to talking about it.

Well, you can be a pii troll and still be a good person.

I think pii is a bad thing. I think pii really does just piss off the people who can’t defend themselves, it really does make the world less safe. But I think it is a bad thing for people to be so dismissive of each other and so mean to each other.

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