[pii_email_9f4f6e9fb0079ea43754] This week is National Poetry Month, so I thought I would make a call out to my favorite poets.

This list is far too long, but I thought I would include a few of my favorite poets at the top of the list.

My personal favorites this week are from my favorite poets: John Darnielle, T.S. Eliot, Paul Muldoon, Charles Bukowski, John Berryman, Emily Dickinson, and James Baldwin.

To be honest, I found it hard to choose to include poets that I’ve loved and admired for many years. But I’ve done my best this week, because there are some great poets out there. I just happened to mention some of my favorite poets first…

You know why I love these three poets? Because they are all poets that I’ve come across in my poetry reading. I have a list of 50 poets that have influenced my life, so I am always reading at least a few of them. I also happen to love the fact that they are all so different, so I don’t usually think of them as poets of the same style. I have yet to find a poet that I didn’t like, but I know I will find one eventually.

I’m not sure what your next sentence is about.

I guess I am trying to say that you should read and appreciate the many poets that have influenced you and made you who you are.

I think I would agree with you. Even if your poetry is not for everyone, you should still try to find a poet that you can relate to. It doesn’t matter if they are a guy, a girl, a black, white, brown, or green person, your life will be enriched by their words.

My next sentence is really about you doing your best to make these poetry.

I know. I am just trying to say that you should try to find a poet that you can relate to. That is the goal. And if it was just for one person, I might agree with you. But it is for you to find that one poet and be proud of it.

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