This has been a topic of discussion for a while, but a good place to start is the question: are there any rules for what you can do in your bedroom or office? I’m not sure which one, but I think I’m going to try.

There are no rules for what you can do in your bedroom/office, but for the sake of discussion, let’s assume that there are any. No one has ever gotten into trouble because he or she decided to take their clothes off (although that does happen).

The most important rule for your bedroom is never to allow your partner to see what you are doing in your bedroom. You don’t need to tell them, but that’s the most important rule. Because you don’t want to be doing something in your bedroom that they might find out about because they might want to talk with you about it.

I think this rule applies to most areas of your home. You dont want to show your partner stuff that you might find interesting, like your collection of model airplanes or your collection of antiques. Ive seen guys get so pissed off over the fact that someone might actually find out that they have a collection of antiques that they just hide them in a closet, even if they dont even know it.

In the case of the model airplanes, I always like to hide them from my friends while they are in the same bedroom. Just to be sure they aren’t going to be able to find them.

That goes for all those antiques. My dad once tried to get me to let him go through a family heirloom he had and he showed me a bunch of old stuff and had no idea what it was.

Yes, hiding antiques from other people is a great way to hide them from you. We have a whole section of our website dedicated to antiques, which we will be adding to in the next few weeks. It’s one of those things we do that people may not be aware of, but it’s something we’re doing ourselves. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of the “Antique Show” on HGTV.

We’ll be adding those to the site soon. We’re currently trying to do some new stuff for the site, but we have a lot of time to do it before the week wraps up.

We also have a lot of great stuff for sale on our website, and we want to get a lot more of those to you. The next few days will be a time where we will be updating our website’s about section, so be sure to check back out to see what we have up there.

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