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If you’re a marijuana semi truck accident yesterday michigan enthusiast, it’s all too easy to continue to roll and smoke joints until none are left. But for those of you who are clever about how to preserve your stash, this blog post is what you’re looking for. We’ve got a few weed-saving strategies that might just keep your wallets fat and happy.

#1 – You should always keep an extra bud! 

It’ll come in handy in the event that your current stash runs out unexpectedly. In fact, the best way to store these buds is by making sure they have plenty of room between them so they can breathe and dry out fully before packaging them up tight again later down the line. 

#2 – Never roll with it

If you have some extra bud you never roll with, we suggest cutting it up into smaller pieces. Then, you’ll have an easy time storing that extra stash safely.

#3 – Use of jelly jars

If the bud you have isn’t worth rolling with and it already has a good lifespan on it (that is, it’s been sitting in your weed stash for a while now,) consider placing those floppy buds into jelly jars or even pickle jars, depending on which kind of jar your weed came packaged in. Be sure to mark down the container so that you know what’s inside.

#4 – Weed that has been accidentally fried or baked during cooking can be saved, too.

You’ll have to boil the weed first, though, since it’s pretty dried out. Once it’s boiled for about 10 minutes, add syrup of any of your choice and cool it off. You can also make a weed tea (which is a simple mixture of three parts sugar to one part water) and pour that into the jar before sealing it shut.

#5 – Freeze your stash

If you’re not planning on smoking weed anytime soon (and honestly who is?) and instead want to freeze your stash for later use, there are two ways you can go about doing this. One is to chop up the buds into smaller pieces, and place them in an air-tight container to be placed in the freezer. The second way would be to put a bag of buds or weed into a bottle of plain vodka or rubbing alcohol, stick it in the freezer, and wait three days before use.

#6 – Make potpourri from your dried out bud

You can do this with dryer leaves that are all dried out, but it’s best to use buds that have already been broken down into smaller pieces. Lay out your dried bud on a piece of paper or parchment and allow it to dry for another full week before grinding it all up with a mortar and pestle.

#7 – Use a coffee grinder to grind up your bud

The best kind of grinder that is to use is a weighted coffee grinder. Be sure to keep this one on a flat surface so its teeth don’t get all ground up under it. The same can be said for a burr grinder if you’re looking for one of these. 

#8 – Grind your dried out bud with the wrong side down

Think you’ve seen the last of those tiny buds that get stuck in your weed grinder? Think again! All you really have to do is flip the buds over and grind them with the wrong side down, then remove the excess from the bottom of your bowl or deck. 

#9 – Make a pot of Weed Tea

It’s fairly simple to make weed tea. All you have to do is head to your local corner store and purchase some green tea, black tea, or chamomile. Pour these into a heated jar (remembering to place the buds inside) and cover the top with cheesecloth before hanging it up in a dark place. Then, after about 8 hours, remove the bud from the bottle and drink up! Or, if you’re not particularly fond of green or black tea, you can always try out chamomile instead.

#10 – Make weed-infused food items

You’ve probably had weed-infused edibles before, but you may not have known about all the other things you can infuse marijuana into. First off, there are cocktails made by mixing up some very strong alcohol with marijuana. Then there’s the whole “smoke bud and drink it” concept. But if you want to make a dish that’s edible but delicious and healthy, you should use coconut oil or butter as the base of your recipe. After that’s done, put chopped up marijuna buds in with the oil or butter mixture and allow it to sit for at least two weeks before consuming this delicacy (though we wouldn’t consume it after a month.


There are plenty of simple ways to store and preserve your stash for later use. Be sure to use these tips and enjoy them responsibly! Unless you have a couple of extra jars lying around, in which case you can take it up a notch and make some potpourri . If you have any additional strategies or techniques that’ll help to preserve your stash, share them with the rest of us in the comments below.

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