How tall are tech-priests ?

A tech-priest’s height is never given in Warhammer 40,000 fluff. However, we can make some assumptions from other sources. This article will discuss what we could potentially extrapolate from
the lore and look at other sci-fi franchises for reference. A Tech-Priest is a human that has been augmented with cybernetic enhancements and who has been trained to serve in the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Imperium of Man. A Tech-Priest is in charge of maintaining all the technology of the Imperium and other machinery and knowledge in related fields. The humans that are chosen to get augmentation are called ‘Data-Scribes.’

We know that a tech-priest is not only an ordinary human with cybernetic enhancements,

but also a devout follower of the Omnissiah. It has been said that they have faith comparable to that of a Space Marine, which means they probably have above-average willpower. In addition to this, a tech priest’s mind has been surgically altered and enhanced with bionics. This could be compared to the brain-alteration that Space Marines undergo.

Despite the cybernetic enhancements being used, a tech-priest has to handle them. For example, in the short story ‘Gift of the Omnissiah’, it was said that a tech-priest died from losing control of his cybernetic implants. However, he was shown to have tremendous amounts of willpower. This could be due to him being dead-set on repairing and saving Imperial worlds without fail.

An average human’s height, when not augmented, is estimated at around 1 meter high.

You can check if the person is augmented in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. A human who has been augmented would have the same height as an average human or 1.83 meters depending on if they are young or older, adults or elderly and so on (this is just an estimation). It is possible to tell if a character is augmented by mousing over their heads. On the first screen, you will see a bar on either side of their head, and you can see the number of skulls it has. Armed with this information, we now know that around 1 meter could be an average height for a tech-priest because they are taller than most humans and slightly above-average (you can click on the pic above to enlarge it). This means that there may be other races or individuals who are ‘official’ tech-priests.

We found that some of the characters in Dawn of War are unusually or shorter than average in the fluff.

To help you see how this would look in fluff, below is a picture that shows some of the characters from Dawn of War. Some appear to be shorter than their counterparts (possibly due to cybernetic enhancements). This is more likely for the soldiers that have had augmentation on their bodies. It may mean we have an average height for a tech-priest, but there could be different types of tech-priests. Another point we looked into was if there are multiple types of ‘official’ Tech-Prims in 40k apart from just one type (for example, if there was only one way you could become a Tech-Priest).

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