Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s scenic Shenandoah Valley, Lexington offers a unique blend of history and Southern charm, and finding the perfect place to stay is key to experiencing it all. I’ve explored the cozy bed and breakfasts, historic inns, and modern hotels that Lexington, VA, has to offer, and I’m here to share the inside scoop.

Whether you’re in town to visit the Virginia Military Institute, explore the natural wonders, or soak in the rich Civil War history, there’s a hotel in Lexington that’ll cater to your needs. I’ll guide you through the best options for comfort, convenience, and a touch of local flavor that’ll make your stay unforgettable.

Stay tuned as I dive into the top hotels in Lexington, VA, where exceptional hospitality meets the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll discover where to find the best amenities, the most comfortable rooms, and the warmest welcomes in this historic town.

Cozy Bed and Breakfasts

When I delve into the heart of Lexington’s hospitality, Bed and Breakfasts stand out for their personal touch and cozy atmosphere. These charming establishments often reflect the town’s historical backdrop while providing a more intimate stay compared to larger hotels.

One of the highlights in this category is the Maple Hall Inn. This 1850’s Greek Revival mansion isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a trip back in time. With antique-filled rooms and a southern-style breakfast, you’ll immerse yourself in the local lore. Guest reviews often rave about the combination of historic decor with modern amenities, ensuring comfort isn’t sacrificed for charm.

If you’re after a more homely vibe, the Sheridan Livery Inn beckons with its quaint setup. Once a stable for horses in the 19th century, it’s now a renovated space that offers a unique lodging experience. Their homemade breakfast spread is a delightful way to kickstart your day of exploration.

The Brierley Hill Bed & Breakfast provides breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Valley, an appeal for those who appreciate nature’s splendor alongside top-notch hospitality. Waking up to the sight of rolling hills and the serenity of the countryside is an experience that many seek when visiting Lexington.

Each B&B in Lexington has its own narrative, woven into the fabric of the region’s rich tapestry. While you won’t find the same level of onsite amenities as some larger hotels, the trade-off is the opportunity to engage with local innkeepers. Their insights often lead travelers to hidden gems and experiences off the beaten path.

I always recommend checking the latest traveler reviews and booking in advance, especially during peak seasons. Seasonal festivals and events can quickly fill up these cozy getaways, leaving latecomers wishing they had planned ahead.

Historic Inns with a Touch of Charm

When I explore Lexington, I’m drawn to the story each historic inn tells. The Col Alto Mansion at the Hampton Inn Lexington-Historic District isn’t just a room, it’s a journey through time. With the mansion dating back to 1827, guests marvel at the blend of original architecture and modern amenities. Here, the past intertwines with the present, offering a stay that’s rich in history.

Another gem is The Georges, an upscale boutique inn located on Main Street. It sits in buildings that have witnessed over two centuries of Lexington’s evolution. The Georges invites me to rest in rooms decorated with a keen sense for heritage, ensuring a memorable experience that feels singularly Lexington.

  • Original Architecture
  • Modern Amenities
  • Centuries-Old Buildings

In my travels, the personal connections I make at these inns are often the most endearing. The innkeepers share local secrets and histories I might never discover otherwise. For instance, at Stonewall Jackson Inn, named after the legendary Confederate General, the hospitality is as storied as the walls themselves. Guests here don’t just check in; they’re welcomed into a legacy etched into the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

It’s essential for fellow travelers to take note of the popularity of these historic inns. They quickly become booked to capacity, particularly during events like the Virginia Military Institute’s graduations or the always-anticipated Parents’ Weekend. Early reservations are a must to secure a slice of Lexington’s history.

Finding a place to stay that captures the essence of Lexington’s past isn’t hard; one just needs to step through the doors of these historic inns. The experience is immersive, allowing me to glimpse a bygone era while enjoying the comforts of today. Whether it’s the tall tales told by the innkeepers or the meticulously preserved rooms, these lodgings offer a remarkable stay embodying the charm of Lexington.

Modern Hotels for Convenience and Comfort

While Lexington’s historic inns are steeped in charm, the city also boasts modern hotels that cater to travelers seeking convenience and contemporary amenities. My research and stays in Lexington have introduced me to a variety of these establishments that strike a perfect balance between functionality and comfort. Holiday Inn Express Lexington is one such example, providing guests with streamlined services like self-check-in kiosks and a mobile app for managing reservations. This hotel is a hit for those who appreciate efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Another go-to option for modern accommodations is the Hampton Inn Lexington Historic District. Contrary to what the name might suggest, this hotel offers an up-to-date stay experience. Its rooms are spacious and include ergonomic work areas, ideal for business travelers or anyone needing to stay connected. Additionally, guests enjoy the convenience of a complimentary hot breakfast and access to an outdoor pool – ideal for relaxing after a busy day of exploring or working.

In the heart of downtown Lexington, The Wingate by Wyndham stands out for its blend of comfort and value for money. Rooms are well-appointed with plush bedding and modern fixtures, while amenities include a fitness center and free WiFi throughout the property. I’ve noticed guests rave about the attentive staff and the hotel’s proximity to local restaurants and attractions.

  • Holiday Inn Express Lexington
    • Self-check-in
    • Mobile app
  • Hampton Inn Lexington Historic District
    • Ergonomic work areas
    • Complimentary hot breakfast
  • Wingate by Wyndham
    • Plush bedding
    • Fitness center

When looking for a hotel that integrates modern convenience with a touch of luxury, The Robert E. Lee Hotel is not to be overlooked. With its boutique style and personalized service, it’s a contemporary haven in the historical tapestry that is Lexington. Its rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Valley, providing an exceptional experience for guests.

Travelers who prioritize up-to-date facilities and smooth experiences often find modern hotels as their ideal choice. Given their focus on comfort and accessibility, these properties ensure you’re well-rested and ready to take on whatever adventures lie in Lexington. Remember to check for the latest traveler reviews to help guide your decision and keep an eye out for special packages that may enhance your stay.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Lexington

After settling into a comfortable hotel in Lexington, Virginia, I’m always eager to explore the natural beauty the region offers. From rolling hills to picturesque trails, there’s a slice of nature for everyone. The Virginia Scenic Byway is a must-drive. It’s an experience you won’t forget and a perfect opportunity to take stunning photographs.

The heart of outdoor exploration in Lexington is the Maury River. Kayaking and canoeing are favorite activities here, and for good reason—the river winds through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area. Goshen Pass is a particularly scenic spot along the river, a haven for whitewater enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Natural Bridge State Park, a 215-foot limestone arch carved out by Cedar Creek. It’s not just a marvel of nature but also steeped in history, once owned by Thomas Jefferson himself. Here are some activities you can indulge in:

  • Hiking along the Cedar Creek Trail to witness the bridge
  • Exploring the Monacan Indian Living History Village
  • Enjoying a picnic with views of the surrounding mountains

Nearby, the Blue Ridge Mountains present opportunities for more challenging hikes and breathtaking vistas. The trails vary in difficulty, ensuring that whether you’re a casual walker or an experienced hiker, you’ll find a route that’s right for you.

Close to these wonders is Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden, a unique combination of cultivated gardens and natural woodlands. It’s ideal for a quiet afternoon stroll or a family excursion to learn about local flora and fauna.

Immersing in the Rich Civil War History

When touring Lexington, Virginia, I’m consistently intrigued by its profound Civil War history. Lexington isn’t just about picturesque landscapes and comfortable accommodations; it’s a city steeped in history that played a significant role in the Civil War.

As I explore the area, it’s impossible to miss the historic sites dotting the city. The Virginia Military Institute (VMI), with its imposing Gothic Revival architecture, is a centerpiece of Lexington’s heritage. Known as the “West Point of the South,” this prestigious institute served as a strategic point during the war and today houses a museum showcasing Civil War artifacts and the compelling history of its cadets and faculty.

Strolling through the downtown, I’m drawn to the Stonewall Jackson House, the former residence of the Confederate general. It gives me a glimpse into the personal life of this complex military figure. The house, which now operates as a museum, provides insight with its period furnishings and personal items of Jackson and his family.

Another poignant landmark is the Lee Chapel, located on the campus of Washington and Lee University. It serves as a resting place for Robert E. Lee, the renowned Confederate commander. I find the chapel’s museum captivating, as it sheds light on Lee’s impact on both the university and the Confederacy. It’s a testament to the duality of his legacy, as an educator and a military leader.

Visitors with an interest in Civil War history will appreciate the depth of narratives conveyed by the museums and historical sites in Lexington. Engaging with this rich tapestry provides context to the modern city and offers a more nuanced understanding of this pivotal period in American history. My visits to these sites enrich my experience, ensuring that Lexington isn’t simply a stopover but a destination where history comes alive.


I’ve explored the charming city of Lexington VA and discovered a place where history and nature blend seamlessly with modern comforts. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the great outdoors or a deep dive into Civil War history, there’s a perfect spot for you to rest your head at the end of the day. With my guide, you’re well-equipped to find your ideal stay in Lexington and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the best of what this historic city has to offer.

What accommodation options are available in Lexington, Virginia?

Lexington, Virginia offers a range of accommodation options, including cozy bed and breakfasts as well as modern hotels.

What amenities do modern hotels in Lexington offer?

Modern hotels in Lexington offer convenience and contemporary amenities, such as self-check-in kiosks and mobile apps for managing reservations.

What natural wonders can be found in Lexington?

In Lexington, you can explore the Virginia Scenic Byway, kayak and canoe on the Maury River, experience whitewater at Goshen Pass, and hike the trails at Natural Bridge State Park. The Blue Ridge Mountains also offer challenging hikes and stunning vistas.

What is unique about Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden?

The Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden in Lexington provides a unique combination of cultivated gardens and natural woodlands.

What historical landmarks can be visited in Lexington?

Lexington has a rich Civil War history, with significant landmarks including the Virginia Military Institute, the Stonewall Jackson House, and the Lee Chapel. These sites offer insight into the city’s past and its role in the Civil War.