Everything You Need To Know About Tech Priest.

What Is Tech Priest?

Tech Priest is best described as a portal that allows one to access virtual spaces. In these virtual spaces, they can create and maintain their digital worlds. These worlds can be whatever they like: a multiplayer game or digital home, or just a simple personal space. You can then invite other users to your space so that you don’t have to share it with everybody else. The Internet of Things will also play an important role as we’ll see later on in the article.

Tech Priest works by taking advantage of emerging high speed technologies such as 5G, which has the capability to stream high-definition gaming images at speeds in excess of 250MBps. This is around four times faster than the current average download speed of 40MBps.

The most likely scenario for Tech Priest to be made mainstream is a world with ubiquitous 5G coverage, which would then allow for super-high definition images to be streamed. It’s possible that it may also become viable because of impending legislation that will allow for more privacy protection, serving as a legal barrier to prevent people from being spied upon.

Tech Priest’s Potential

The ability to create your own digital worlds has so many applications that it would be difficult to list them all.

One obvious application is the creation of ultra-realistic and immersive 3D games and virtual reality, because the videos and graphics can be streamed in ultra-realistic detail. This means that users are no longer constrained by a monitor or television screen, but can interact with the game freely and play out their story like a movie within a movie.

Other uses for Tech Priest include:

  • Enhanced communication by allowing users to interact and participate in real-time teleconferencing. By sending out messages via a portal, you can interact with other people around the world in real time.The major drawback is that sending and receiving messages can be expensive, which means that it’s not feasible on a mass scale. Still, this feature is not too far off in the future.
  • Creating virtual home spaces such as digital homes and apartments. This will allow the user to choose exactly how they want their digital space to look and be customized to fit their needs and preferences.
  • Creating a digital diary or journal that you can share with selected people. The diary can include images and video as well.The main drawback to this is that you will probably want to control who can access your diary at any time, which will prove difficult and may cost more than the average user is willing to spend on Tech Priest. This is why it’s most likely going to be used as an adult entertainment medium rather than a general everyday form of communication.

How Is Tech Priest Going To Work?

Anyone can theoretically create their own Tech Priest. The only major cost comes from creating a server that provides the processing power for your private digital space. Apart from that, all you really need is a decent smartphone with a 4G or 5G signal and you are ready to go! The mobile phone acts as your portal and a remote control for your mobile space, because each Tech Priest has its own unique address on the Internet, just like your website or blog.

For people who aren’t interested in investing in technology but are willing to pay around $30-50 per month just to use their private digital space, there will be various businesses that will offer this service. In this way, Tech Priest is not just an open technology but an industry in its own right, with a wide range of businesses offering their own online services.

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