7 Rules About NEXUS MOD Meant To Be Broken

“NEXUS MOD Meant To Be Broken”

The Nexus Mod Manager or mod nexus is a utility program which helps manage the installation of mods on the Nexusmods.com website. It’s supposed to be an easy way to install and update mods, but many people have found out that it can also lead you into some serious trouble if you don’t know how to use it properly. This list is meant to remind players about those rules and break them down for everyone else!

1) Always read the README before installing a new mod! 

Not reading their instructions could lead you into some dangerous territory or cause a variety of errors when trying to download your new mod. The mod creators spend their time making these mods and they want to know what they’re working with. If you’d like a mod to work like it says on the tin, then read the README at least!

I’ve seen people have issues when trying to use two different versions of a mod together, or when there are conflicting files between mods being used in the same place. The best way to counter this is, of course, by reading the README file from each and every mod you’re intending to install.

2) Always update your mods!

Most mods on the Nexus have some sort of version number attached to them. You’ll see stuff like “version 1.3” or “version 1.5” and so on. Over time, mod creators will add more and more content with each update they make (hence why they raise the version number). If you’re intending to overwrite the files from another mod, your mod will be missing all of these and it’s less likely that you’ll get the full benefit of your work.

So when installing a new version, always check to see if it’s been updated and if so, grab the latest version. You can also use a tool like SKSE or LOOT to keep track of your mods. The software allows for everything you install on your PC to be sorted into one easy-to-use package that keeps track of which files came from which mod (and what order they should be loaded in).

3) Respect your favorite mod authors!

Some of these people spend their days making mods for you and their commitment is amazing! If there is something wrong about their mod or some kind of problem you can’t fix, don’t ignore it and try to fix it yourself (or even worse, remove it).

Most mod authors are more than willing to help you out and fix any issues. They usually have a chest full of files they use to help them debug the mod and figure out what went wrong if it isn’t working for you. If the mod author has gone through the effort of creating that file, don’t ignore it! They’re helping you out and providing their own hard work to help resolve any issues you might be having with their mod.

If a mod author tells you that something is wrong, don’t give them grief about it. Just do what they say, follow their instructions and everything should work out fine!

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4) Only download mods from Nexusmods.com 

This one will seem strange to some people, but it’s true. If you’re downloading a new mod from anywhere else, then it’s not going to be on the Nexus — and therefore, you won’t be able to install it. The Nexus is the only place you can safely download mods that have been submitted by other mod authors and vetted by the staff team.

It’s not just the staff team that does this, either! The referees (mod authors) also periodically check the mods they have uploaded against other sites to make sure they’re legal.

Many people over the years have ended up downloading a mod that was illegal in their country, had their account flagged or even been reported to authorities and lost access to it all together.

5) Go through each .ESM file and update only what’s new

There are times when mod authors will release a whole bunch of files at once. It’s likely that they’ll have their first release, then update it with some new content that they expect will be added to the game in the future. If you’re using a mod manager, you won’t need to worry about managing these files for you.

If there is something wrong about one or more of these files, it can make your game crash or not load correctly, so it’s important to check through them all and see if anything is out of date before installing them!

Check the official “readme” file for each mod you have installed. If it has some kind of date attached to it, then you can use a tool like SKSE or LOOT to see if there are any new files in the mod.

6) Don’t tamper with your host file !

If you have Steam installed on your computer, then you’ll need to run the tool “SteamLaunch.exe” to add mods to your library. On most operating systems, it’s automatically added by default. So there’s no reason to mess with it unless you want to figure out why you can’t install a particular mod from the steam workshop (which is likely what’s causing your problems).

On Windows Vista and above, if Steam Launch doesn’t work for some reason, then you’ll need to manage your system files manually through the Control Panel.

When it comes to installing Skyrim mods, there is really only one rule to follow: don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do in a kitchen! That means if you don’t know how to use a particular tool or what it does, then keep away from it.

7) Learn how to use a mod manager

There are many managers that exist on the Nexus. They will all have different features, so make sure you understand what each one does before downloading. Once again, don’t worry about managing files manually unless something seems wrong with a mod.

The most popular manager for Skyrim is known as Mod Organizer (MO). It’s completely free, open source and easy to use. 


The biggest thing you can do to make installing mods easier is to read through the README file from each mod as you download it. Also, make sure that the mod has been updated to the latest version available before installing it.

The next biggest thing is to use a manager when managing your mods. I highly recommend Mod Organizer because of the features it has and the fact it’s completely free and open source. If you don’t want to pay for a manager, then LOOT or SKSE are both fantastic for helping keep track of your mods and see which files have been updated automatically.

With a little practice and patience, keeping your game up-to-date shouldn’t be too difficult.


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