15 Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater WALLPAPER

You want the best for your phone, it deserves the best. Don’t let some boring old wallpaper get between you and your mobile masterpiece. Give your phone the ultimate treatment with these 15 unheard ways to achieve greater WALLPAPER! Like e xs max ashes of the singularity wallpaper.

1. Boost performance- 

You need a fast phone that can handle everything you throw at it, and that starts with a great wallpaper. If you’re looking for performance before anything else, be sure to get an HD wallpaper! It’ll give you that extra boost of speed when playing those games or browsing those web pages while still looking good doing it.

2. More features-

Don’t settle for a boring image, give your phone access to all the best features it needs by getting a Live wallpaper! It changes on its own and gives you access to anything you could want. Make sure to check out the 15 best live wallpapers on the market, we know you’ll love them!

3. Battery Boost-

Your phone is more than just a piece of technology, it’s an extension of yourself. When you’re out and about with it, your battery drains faster than the time it takes to charge up. The best wallpaper in the world can save you when everything else fails. If that isn’t worth choosing wisely then I don’t know what is!

4. Cooler than you-

The best wallpapers always prove that you’re better than everyone else, and I mean everyone . You work hard for your phone, so why not show it? Use a cool wallpaper with some unique features that no one else can say they have. If anyone asks you where it’s from, just tell them your phone is too awesome for them to know. If they don’t believe you just tell them to look it up themselves.

5. Bragging Rights-

No one likes clutter on their screen and your iPhone or iPad is the same. Make sure your wallpaper is nothing but the most beautiful things you can find. Nothing is better than a great looking wallpaper that doesn’t take away from the main feature of your phone. A great photo, cute meme, or cool animation will always do it for you.

6. Make a statement-

You deserve nothing but the best in everything, so treat your wallpaper with that same amount of class and style. Give your wallpaper a character to make it stand out. Don’t just get a plain black pattern on your phone because everyone else will have one too! Go wild with color and tell everybody on your friends list that you have the best phone on earth and they don’t even know it yet!

7. Show your true colors-

You’re not just your phone and you don’t want a wallpaper that can’t represent the real you. You want a whole new look that screams you! Are you an Apple fanboy or a die hard Android fanatic? Let the world know with a wallpaper that’s sure to turn some heads. Not only will it make your phone stand out, but everyone will be asking where they can get one too!

8. Something different-

Boring and bland is another way of saying no one will ever notice what’s on your phone. With so many options available, you have to have something unique and different to really stand out from the rest. A bright, bold pattern that’s completely out of the ordinary. NO one will ever want to take their phone off the wall!

9. Animation is key-

Animated wallpapers make your phone exciting when you wake it up in the morning and it makes you feel like you’re always on a beach or in space even when you’re not. It makes your life feel more fun, so go crazy with animated wallpapers that won’t bore you. 

10. Close up-

It’s always better to see your wallpaper from the close up. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could see your wallpaper from this angle? Well now you can! This is the way to make your wallpaper look its best. Make sure to check out our close up wallpapers so there’s no doubt you’re getting something incredible!

11. Darker is better-

You didn’t get a phone made for everyone, so why should your wallpaper be? It’s not a smart decision to put a great wallpaper that’s too bright on your smartphone. Not only will it hurt your eyes, but it won’t give you the look you want. If you really want to see your wallpaper at its best, make sure to get something wonderful in dark tones. It’ll give you that signature look!

12. 3D is the way to go-

Real life isn’t 3D and neither should your wallpaper. The best way to get a wall paper that actually turns your phone into something better is by going 3D! It’ll have all the depth you need and make things pop out of the screen like you’ve never seen in your life. Make sure to check out these 20 best 3D wallpapers!

13. Save on data-

More wallpapers means more room to save pictures, so that means more pictures = less data use. You’re going to want to use the same quality images that everybody else uses, so why bother saving them? Save your files for when you go out and look at them in style. Get a HD wallpaper! A bigger file size means more storage space for photos which equals more space for wallpaper which equals less data usage!

14. Customization is key-

It’s 2015 and everyone’s having kids and buying jewelry from H&M. Stop trying to be like everyone else, you’re better than that. Just because other people are wearing something silly doesn’t mean you have to too. Make your phone look like it’s the only one on earth and you’ll be the envy of everyone! We promise!

15. Tell a story-

Every wallpaper is a story waiting to be read, so why not have one that makes you feel something? Get an artistic wall paper that tells a tale and doesn’t leave you hanging. If you take the time to get a great image, make sure it’s only great because of what it says! It’ll always speak to your heart.

Conclusion of this article:

What do you think of wallpapers? Do you like them? Just read this article and take our word for it! These were 15 best apple wallpapers, which means that all 15 are the best apple wallpaper. Check out the rest of our articles and then you will definitely find which is the best phone wallpaper, so just don’t forget to subscribe to our website. 


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