10 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Third Strike

Gather ’round, folks! It’s time to dispel some myths about Third Strike. Yes, it’s true that Third Strike is a hardcore game with a steep learning curve. And yes, it’s also true that the characters are difficult to learn if you’re picking up the game on a whim. But there are some great things about Third Strike that you might not have heard: third strike tier list.

Exciting new tools for countering and combos help keep matches interesting and unpredictable. The lack of randomness in the battles means it’s possible for players to study their opponents and construct strategies accordingly.

1. Third Strike’s Counter System Makes it a Real Chess Match

Since Third Strike, the majority of fighting games have gone the route of Street Fighter IV and V. Their lengthy auto-combo strings and randomness take away the need for players to think during gameplay, as even a losing player can win from one good combo. And let’s face it: most people don’t play fighting games for the deep gameplay; they want to see cool moves.

In Third Strike you won’t find meter-based super counters or ridiculous comeback mechanics. That means that if you mess up in a match (and no one is perfect), you’re probably not going to get out of it with an easy comeback combo.

2. Third Strike Practice Is a Necessity

Because of the lack of meter, Third Strike is more about learning how to play the game and mastering basic tactics than it is about building random combos. This makes it a good choice for new players – no one has to grind through endless stages of activating super combos or having their health restored while they’re still learning their characters.

With the plethora of easy-to-use tutorials in Third Strike, there’s no reason not to learn how to perform attacks and counter moves before you get into ranked play. You can even find free online training websites for online matches.

3. Third Strike Can Get Mental

When you’re playing Third Strike, it’s not easy to shake off a bad loss. The metagame is very deep, and mastering all of the matchups can be a long and frustrating process.

No one likes feeling that they’re just outclassed by their opponent; some players might be tempted to rage quit when things go south. But if you persevere and learn from your mistakes, there’s no telling how good you might become!

4. Third Strike Makes You a Better Player

Learning how to protect yourself and apply pressure in Third Strike is critical for success. Players who can quickly move about the screen, find openings in their opponent’s defense, and take the initiative are going to have an easier time.

5. Third Strike Has Only Two Characters that Are Easy to Master

No one said learning Third Strike was going to be easy! It takes a lot of practice and patience to get used to Yun and Yang. But just because they’re the easiest doesn’t mean they’re the best (and they’re certainly not: they place at 25th on high-level ranking boards).

6. Third Strike Has a Wide Array of Customization

You can customize your characters’ movesets to fit your liking. There are plenty of available choices in Third Strike, from making a familiar character’s attacks float or have an extra hit stop, adding super armor to an otherwise weak move, or even reworking a character’s entire moveset for a different play style.

7. Third Strike Has Easy-to-Understand Charts and Videos

There are many great resources on YouTube and other sites dedicated to helping players learn how to play the game. Many tutorials include detailed explanations as well as handy videos showing someone playing through the match with every possible counter and combo included.

8. Third Strike Has a Great Online Presence

There are plenty of tournaments, competitive forums, and lots of room to find a competitive scene that suits you. Even if you’re just starting out in Third Strike, you can find reasons to compete with others and at the same time get better.

9. Third Strike Doesn’t Force You to Play the Same Way

Because it’s not about how long and flashy your move is, there are many different ways of approaching each battle. There’s no right or wrong way to play as each fighter – it’s simply a matter of what works for you.

10. Third Strike Is Still a Great Game

Even though it’s been out for years and doesn’t have the players that other games do, Third Strike still has a strong presence in the community. It’s got plenty of tournament play after all these years, and there are even some custom games you can play online as well.

Hopefully reading this article has made you want to give Third Strike a try! There’s so much to learn about the game, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an old timer or new to fighting games, there’s always something new to discover about how the game works.


Third Strike is a deep, complex fighting game focused on learning characters and not random combos; this makes it easier to learn than other games, but it is tough enough to make you practice. With an easy-to-learn counter system, players can quickly figure out how to adjust their strategy to their opponent. And after many losses and constant digging into the game’s engine, you will be rewarded with a new level of mastery and satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a game that will test your skills without hand holding , Third Strike should be in your wheelhouse.


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